Introducing Clearview 2020.1

Providing the real-time insight, efficiency, and accuracy to drive business forward.

For architecture and engineering firms, time entry to billing is a critical process that must be efficient and intuitive. To maximize revenue and cash flow, many A/E firms are turning to integrated solutions that facilitate access and streamline the invoicing and payment processes.





Alvine Client Testimonial Video D8

We recently had the chance to visit with one of our innovative clients, Alvine Engineering, at their home office in Omaha, Nebraska. Alvine was founded in 1961 as a mechanical and electrical systems design and consulting firm. They are a family-owned company with two generations of expertise in fire protection engineering, architectural lighting design, building commissioning services, technology systems design, and life support systems engineering.




In my previous posts, I have tried to unpack a bit of our ‘untold story’ related to how powerful the Clearview engine is. Now let’s shift a bit to the end-user experience. We have learned so much from the many transitions we have done for clients moving from Deltek and BST. With this knowledge, we have created some amazing tools to speed up the migration and adoption process.




Dunham Sample 3 (1)


I have had the great privilege of watching more than 2,000 Architectural/Engineering firms operate over the past 25 years. In that time I have gained great respect for firms that have the culture, discipline, and indeed, passion, to 'walk the last mile' and put in detailed project budgets, schedules and manage resources. Dunham, out of Minneapolis, is one of those firms in constant pursuit of project management excellence.



Dear InFocus Clients,

Earlier this year, we published a letter to our current and prospective customers saying "Join us." Join us in rejecting the status quo of unsupported legacy products. Join us in imagining what the future of A/E might look like with better software. In this call we made a promise to our customers that we would tether our next season of growth to three distinct pillars: product development, user engagement, and market awareness. We are so proud of the momentum and progress we've made toward these ends in 2019. We have felt the excitement underlying our dreams of ushering in a new era of excellence in the A/E software space, and we hope you have felt it, too. At Clearview, we are dedicated to keeping our word to you by delivering on our objectives. Here are some of the ways we have made progress toward our pillars this year:




Clearview Partners


Clearview Software is excited to announce new partnerships with Technik Solutions Group and 9Dots Management. Our partners are available to work closely with our clients on implementation, custom solutions and consulting for our project-based accounting software designed for architecture and engineering firms. 






In my previous post I reflected a bit on how Clearview has really built our engine correctly from the ground up in an elegant fashion that allows us to run fast and play well in a modern world. What does that mean? Let me give you a few examples that may bring that point home:




In my last post I reflected a bit on my first year and how thrilled I am to be here. I unpacked a bit around how well customers are supported and how fair our pricing and policies are as compared to other products in our space. I also hinted at how exciting it was to find a ‘Super Car’ engine under the hood when I got here.



I joined Clearview Software just over a year ago and have received an increasingly large number of requests asking me to explain what I found after joining. “So, how does Clearview compare to Deltek” is a weekly – if not daily - question.


First off, you need to know that prior to joining Clearview I had an inkling that the ‘engine under the hood’ would be impressive. This was due to the fact that I had previously worked with one of the co-founders and developers. He had developed a real-time accounting/project management system decades ago that was ahead of its’ time. Therefore, I had a pretty good idea that it would be impressive. To be frank, I found it to be way beyond what I imagined it would be and indeed, has functionality surpassing not just ERP software in the Architectural/Engineering/Professional Services vertical markets, but in any market.


Sounds bold and self serving, I know. However, after 25 years of working in the A/E ERP space I do not say that lightly. It is an untold story that I will begin to unpack over the coming weeks and months here – and one that I enjoy showing off. Why untold? Well, let me just say that when a company is run by a team of software developers ‘marketing’ is not high on the list of preferred/enjoyable tasks. I think they rate it right up there with raking leaves or putting on suits to attend a large social gathering (sorry guys, had to say it).