Dear InFocus Clients,

Earlier this year, we published a letter to our current and prospective customers saying "Join us." Join us in rejecting the status quo of unsupported legacy products. Join us in imagining what the future of A/E might look like with better software. In this call we made a promise to our customers that we would tether our next season of growth to three distinct pillars: product development, user engagement, and market awareness. We are so proud of the momentum and progress we've made toward these ends in 2019. We have felt the excitement underlying our dreams of ushering in a new era of excellence in the A/E software space, and we hope you have felt it, too. At Clearview, we are dedicated to keeping our word to you by delivering on our objectives. Here are some of the ways we have made progress toward our pillars this year:

User engagement: This year we held our first user conference, the Maverick User Forum, where users came from all over the US & Canada to learn from each other and to dream together about future product improvements. We have already begun planning for Maverick User Forum 2020! We also hosted local user events like lunch & learns, Maverick Mini groups, and happy hours all across North America! Users got to connect with others in their localities to share information and begin building community around product knowledge and training. We significantly increased our webinar offerings on various product knowledge and adoption topics, which were attended by thousands of users!

Product Development: Our major 2019 InFocus product release saw the unveiling of InFocus Web as well as several new features like Messages, KanBan Work Order processing, and more. We tripled our development team, added a plethora of resources to the InFocus marketplace, and completed several new integrations.

Market Awareness: This year we had a presence at nine major A/E industry conferences, several of which were brand new to us. We also increased many of our sponsorship levels, giving us more brand exposure. We were engaged on social media and have gained a larger audience as a result of our efforts.

We are proud of all we accomplished in 2019, and at the same time we know we have a lot more to do in 2020. Our recent decision to partner with Unanet is one that we made under the full weight of keeping our promise to invest all we have into the development InFocus, user engagement and market awareness. We believe our partnership with Unanet is the perfect opportunity for us to step firmly on the gas pedal of these three pillars with more resources and a shared vision for doing what’s right by our clients in developing and supporting our respective products for the long haul. By coming together, we will now be able to share resources, knowledge and skills to further enhance every part of our business and client experience.

All that we've accomplished this year has involved stretching ourselves and our abilities for the sake of our mission, and we have been glad to do it because we believe that what we're doing matters. It matters that A/E firms have better software to run their businesses better. It matters that your ERP software be both robust and flexible to support the ever-changing technological landscape of our time. We genuinely love what we do and we love doing it together with you. We are thrilled to be taking these next steps alongside all of you who have been incredibly supportive throughout our journey. We are deeply grateful to have you with us, and we're excited for all that's to come in 2020.

Thank you.
Matt Pantana
CEO, Clearview Software

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Matt Pantana

Matt Pantana

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