In my previous post I reflected a bit on how Clearview has really built our engine correctly from the ground up in an elegant fashion that allows us to run fast and play well in a modern world. What does that mean? Let me give you a few examples that may bring that point home:


  • Better Integrations/API: In my prior life at a consulting company we would constantly be asked whether we could integrate with different ‘point’ solutions. For instance, Hubspot (a marketing tool that can record phone calls, track website traffic, emails, etc). The weak engine/api’s of the software I formerly worked with made what should be an easy integration difficult. In fact, a 3rd party for that vendor sold a ‘connector’ that would help move the data back and forth. In my first month here at Clearview last year, knowing we had a more powerful engine/api management layer, I asked “can we integrate with Hubspot?”. Less than 30 minutes later I was shown a full analytic dashboard in Clearview that showed in real-time all of the Hubspot data. Bi-directional, real-time integrations in less than 30 minutes? I fell out of my chair. That is just one of countless integrations I have witnessed in the past year here. Engines Matter and eventually having a weak one will limit your ability to innovate and compete in the modern world.  Better Software. Better Company.


Clearview InFocus API and Integrations


  • Better Dashboards: Our Analytic Dashboards show in real time exactly where your firm is at right now.  No waiting for time, expenses, purchases and the like to be processed or posted - and the data isn't pulled from some calculated table from last night or two hours ago.  You see what is happening right now.  The dashboards are dynamic with drill down, date sliders to shift the date range you are looking at, trend analysis and predictive forecasting.  You can even put actionable 'flows' (think wizard like tools that help you gather and update data without having to leave the dashboard).  Amazingly, you can even visualize data from other databases, not just our own. Clearview can truly be your ‘one stop shop’ for analytics – even when the data has nothing to do with our system and/or the data isn’t stored in our system. For example, here at Clearview we have dashboards that show in real-time how our support team is performing in terms of ticket response times, ticket resolution, email opens, and client satisfaction.  None of that data is stored in Clearview.  The sky is the limit.  Better Software.  Better Company.  


InFocus Project Based Accounting Dashbords


  • Better Project Management: We have Kanban capability within our software. Huh? We have seen an increasing number of firms in the industry trying out tools like Trello that allow them to track and perform ‘agile’ type project management. We can do that within our own software and tie it to a project work breakdown structure (WBS). A member of your team can simply drag a card to communicate stage/task completion and enter time against that task without even having to open a timesheet. Want to track stages of opportunities, onboarding of employees, project steps, project QA/QC, or even construction management? Heck, you can even use it to manage your migration off of your Klunky old system ☺. Better Software. Better Company.


Clearview InFocus Kanban Project Management


Give me a call and I would be glad to show you how an engine with real horsepower looks and feels. There is a real sea change happening. We would be honored to earn your business and have you join our rapidly growing list of customers. Thanks for your time and consideration.


Sincerely, Steve McTavish

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Steve McTavish

Steve McTavish

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