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Clearview Software is excited to announce new partnerships with Technik Solutions Group and 9Dots Management. Our partners are available to work closely with our clients on implementation, custom solutions and consulting for our project-based accounting software designed for architecture and engineering firms. 

Clearview is continuing to expand our partnerships in order to ensure that our clients have access to all of the resources they need to run a successful, efficient architecture or engineering firm. Groups like Technik Solutions and 9 Dots Management have been trained on our software in detail, and work closely with Clearview to develop new features and enhancements. These partners work with many different types of A&E focused software as well as other business systems. They are well-versed in integrating our flexible ERP with the tools you are already utilizing, and are available when assistance is needed. They are also skilled at migrating your data from legacy systems to our modern tools quickly and accurately. 


Clearview Project-Based ERP Integrations


We value the industry knowledge that our partners bring to the table. Our partners are immersed in the A&E industry, have decades of experience, and are constantly bringing us ideas they gather from clients and even competitors. Our software is built to be easily integrated and expandable and we have added numerous features based on partner feedback over the years.


More and more consultants and technology partners are looking for modern solutions to their A&E clients' accounting, analytics and project management needs. Our user-friendly Dashboards, Time and Expense Entry, Invoicing, APIs, CRM, and Automations are all drawing more partners like Technik and 9Dots to our platform. We are thrilled that they see that our software is built with the future in mind and that they are choosing us to bring the A&E industry forward.


Clearview is always available to assist our customers directly with these services. However, we are happy to be able to support relationships that may already exist and also refer to partners that may have unique expertise.


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