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January 20th, 2017 is a big day. We’re not trying to steal anyone’s thunder, but we’re pretty sure the InFocus 2017.1 release should trump anything else that might be happening.

InFocus 2017 brings lots of exciting new features. One that we’re particularly excited about here at Clearview is the new Analytic Dashboards.

These days the ability to analyze your data for decision support has become a competitive requirement. But that’s harder to do than it sounds for a variety of reasons. So, when we first started planning Analytic Dashboards, we focused on three key goals that we felt were crucial.

First, we wanted non-technical users to be able to build great analytic dashboards. That meant the designer needed to be intuitive, powerful, and baked directly into InFocus.

Second, the data needed to be easily accessible. There are lots of tools out there to visualize data, but if connecting to your data is difficult, it can be a show stopper. So, we created Analytic Models. Analytic Models are “packaged” queries built specifically for InFocus Analytic Dashboards. A single Analytic Model could power scores of Analytic Dashboards.

Third, it had to be affordable. If you’re in the market, you might have noticed that many other business intelligence products require more of an investment than InFocus itself. At Clearview, we pride ourselves in adding new value with every release (43 and counting over the last 10 years). If you’re a Self-Hosted Client on our Maintenance Plan or you’re on InFocus Cloud, this will all be included in the InFocus you already own.

We truly appreciate your business and strive to make your investment in us pay-off continuously. We hope you will be as excited to use InFocus 2017 as we are.

Matt for The Clearview Team

Want to learn more?

For a more on what you can find in InFocus 2017, be sure to check out our Release Notes or join us next Tuesday for our free webinar, InFocus 2017: What's New.

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