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At Clearview, we have identified three pillars that will come to define our next season of growth: product innovation, market awareness, and user engagement. We believe the status quo has been maintained for far too long in our industry, and we want to be leading the charge toward change and innovation. Why do we think we can lead such a charge? Because we are convinced we have the greatest talent. Our developers are knowledgeable about A/E, highly capable, imaginative, and willing to push the boundaries of what is possible with the current technology. We aren’t looking to simply improve InFocus – we are looking to call the entire industry to a higher standard of technological innovation and user input. This can only be accomplished through a movement of collective voices demanding better.

To this end, we are looking to identify InFocus users and partners who wish to be part of this collective voice. Those of you who are imaginative, problem-solving and forward-thinking regardless of what hat you wear: whether you’re a principal or a junior associate; whether you’re in IT, HR, Finance, PM, or Marketing (or multiple); or whether you’re a third-party consultant looking to solve issues for clients - we invite you to join us in exchanging ideas about how InFocus can be used to move innovation forward at your A/E firm and inspire innovation to move forward in the A/E industry as a whole.

Clearview’s Maverick User Forum is our first step toward gathering together a community of people who want to see greater things from A/E technology. Now that you have the big vision, let’s explain further what this event will entail:

This event is a forum for exchanging ideas about the future of InFocus and A/E, and it will include

  • Roundtable discussions about problems and solutions in your A/E firm and in the A/E industry
  • Presentations from firms who are using InFocus in imaginative and creative ways
  • A look at the InFocus product roadmap
  • Listening sessions with Clearview’s leadership about what to include in future InFocus releases

Of course, this begs the questions, “So what will the actual agenda entail? What are the sessions called? Which of my people should I send?” These are fair questions, and we will certainly be releasing specifics in more detail as we get closer to the event. Our goal, however, is for attendees to dream first and learn second. While this event may entail some type of formal InFocus product training, our first priority will be to discuss and reflect on current and future challenges and solutions in A/E and how they can be solved with the technology we have built and are building.

We hope to see you there! For more info, check out the Maverick User Forum event page.

-The Team at Clearview

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