Introducing Clearview 2020.1

Providing the real-time insight, efficiency, and accuracy to drive business forward.

For architecture and engineering firms, time entry to billing is a critical process that must be efficient and intuitive. To maximize revenue and cash flow, many A/E firms are turning to integrated solutions that facilitate access and streamline the invoicing and payment processes.






InFocus Analytic Dashboards

January 20th, 2017 is a big day. We’re not trying to steal anyone’s thunder, but we’re pretty sure the InFocus 2017.1 release should trump anything else that might be happening.



InFocus 2016 is here, bringing refined experience and performance. It also sets a foundation for infinite expandability through the upcoming InFocus Marketplace. Here are some highlights.



InFocus represents a breed of software that is best described as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP software is distinguished by its ability to deliver an integrated suite of business applications. In the case of InFocus, these applications include: Accounting, Job Cost Management, Time and Billing, Resource Planning, Marketing Support, and Business Intelligence (BI).

These applications are fully integrated into InFocus rather than existing as a collection of loosely linked modules or third party add-ons.

The ability to deliver an integrated suite of applications is fundamental within the architecture of InFocus. ERP capacity was designed into the software from inception and incorporated into the original tables and scripted code. Ongoing development has assured that the software makes best use of the latest technologies and design approaches. Unlike many software products still marketed to the A&E design industry; InFocus is not the result of a cobbling of new modules and features onto a 1980’s legacy time and billing system.



Releasing big features like ones found in InFocus 2015 is exciting. But it's just as important to consistently release fixes and small improvements that help our clients work smarter. InFocus 2015.1.1 is one of those releases. It addresses small bugs, makes the UI behave more consistently across applets, and improves keyboard navigation.



We're excited to announce InFocus 2015. With over 200 new features, fixes and refinements, it's a big release. Almost everything we’ve done is in response to a client survey given a few months ago. In particular, clients told us they needed easier reporting, faster loading in key areas and a more cohesive user experience. InFocus 2015 delivers that and a lot more.



We're excited to release InFocus 2, the culmination of months of effort. It includes some of our most requested features as well as some new ones we think you'll love. Here's a quick overview of what's new.



We’re pleased to announce InFocus 1.4.7, one of our most exciting releases yet. It’s full of improvements, enhancements, features and fixes that we think you’ll really enjoy. Here are some highlights:



We're excited to announce InFocus in the Cloud, available immediately starting at an amazing price: $19/user/month. This is a perfect fit for any firm that doesn’t want to maintain their own servers for running InFocus. Or for firms who simply want the convenience and peace of mind of letting us take care of the infrastructure and backups.